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Yacht Fanatics

Welcome to, the world’s most complete online boating classified advertising service. Yachtfanatics was founded by Chad Daniels, a boat builder/designer and lifelong recreational boater. In 2015, Chad and co-founder John Capps, a computer programmer and fellow boater, teamed up to build and subsequently launch

Yachtfanatics has absolutely everything you could possibly need to navigate the wonderful world of boating. If you need to find a reputable local marine service to repair your engine or to install a new GPS, you can find it at Yachtfanatics. If you are looking for a sport fishing boat to raise blue marlin or a classic sailboat to cruise the islands, you can find one for sale at Yachtfanatics. Maybe you are ready to move up to a larger vessel and need to sell your boat, you can do that as well, at Yachtfanatics. Let’s say you own a boating or marine related service, you can advertise it at Yachtfanatics.

Yachtfanatics has everything anyone could need to maintain your vessel, buy or sell a boat, or promote your boating related service. And the best part about it is, you will always have the option to post your ad for free. If you would like to post an ad with more bells and whistles, you can upgrade to a paid ad. You can customize your advertising experience based on your budget and particular needs. Yachtfanatics is the ultimate boating marketplace.